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Exploring Life & Business with Brynhild Blottsdottir of Path of Seidr and Elder Futhark

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brynhild Blottsdottir.  

Hi Brynhild, we’re thrilled to have a chance to learn your story today. So, before we get into specifics, maybe you can briefly walk us through how you got to where you are today.
For nearly a decade, I have practiced Germanic/Anglo-Saxon and Norse Heathenry; this means we strive to create to the best we can how our ancestors worshipped. My journey began as a Norse Heathen or Pagan both have the same meaning; Heathen is a Germanic root word, and Pagan is Latin. Our practices include extensive study from all sources to better understand ourselves as well as how to live at a balance with the Gods and nature and everything that falls in-between that, such as Jotuns (Giants) huldafolk (hidden folk of nature) and the Disir (Female ancestors). About 3 years ago, I started to dive deeper into the Elder Futhark Runes an Old Germanic, Germanic Futhark, is the oldest form of the runic alphabets. It was a writing system used by Germanic peoples for Northwest Germanic dialects in the Migration. From studying extensively and learning from women who have made a lifelong practice in teaching the Runes, I started to branch out to be a Seer. A Seer or Seidr (seder) I started teaching the history of the Runes and how it changed from one form to another as well as teaching the practices of heathenry. I have a store as well where I create runes and jewelry that help others along their journey. I have also begun helping others find the practice that best suits them as a Spiritual teacher; I give guidance and direction for people that want to find a place they belong, whether that be Germanic or Norse, or helping them find other practitioners of other studies to connect with. 

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall, and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
To be completely honest, there have been a few snags along the way. Last year was a struggle due to it being difficult to help people in this particular practice not wanting to learn or accept most things that lie outside the things they have learned. As a teacher and small shop owner, I find that there are a lot of other businesses that are selling the same on a mainstream type platform. Teaching the history of the runes as well as the other topics such as giving information out as to how our ancestors practiced differently than us or; coming from a place of neutrality when giving facts from all different sources, I find that a lot of people are disinterested in doing the leg work when learning. Utah is a more difficult place to have a store or have classes due to a lot of the community being raised in a Christian setting and then moving over to Norse practice. I have also had a few people be very dismissive due to the culture of belief that a woman doesn’t really know much. 

I have since learned to come from a place of understanding and find places that let me teach my classes and help those that find me through social media or flies and cards I put out. Learning to have patience has been a good journey. 

We’ve been impressed with Path of Seidr and Elder Futhark, but for folks who might not be as familiar, what can you share with them about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
The main part of my organization is creating jewelry that has Germanic/Etruscan Runes on them as well as creating Rune sets for people to learn with. About a year ago, I started holding classes that teach the history of the Runes, what they are, how they were used by Seeresses, the meanings they hold, and that they are very different from Tarot. I also teach classes on the Gods and Goddesses, Rituals, and Rites that have changed over time, helping people with spiritual inquiries. Most of the time I spend on social media putting out information and sources for people to look up if they have questions about the specifics of Germanic and Anglo-Saxon Heathenry; I offer all the resources online for free as well as often give advice on where to start on learning on practices. 

What I am most proud of and what I would like the readers to know is that I don’t gatekeep the knowledge I have gained over a decade, that I am constantly wanting to learn and grow more, and that when I do charge for items or classes, the amount is never out of reach for those that want to join in. The old school of thought that knowledge should be shared and that if I can’t find an answer for you, I will ask my Elder/Mentor who has practiced for 30 years or someone else that may know more than I. I will also never dissuade someone from the practice they wish to follow or tell them how they practice is the wrong way. 

What matters most to you? Why?
The things that matter most to me are acceptance, knowledge and continuously growing in who I am and how I perceive the world. I think knowledge and acceptance go hand in hand; when you begin such a daunting task of opening a business or teaching classes on certain subjects, you have to understand that a lot of people are either not at the level you are or that they may have never been given a chance to actively ask questions about things they are curious about or shut down for wanting to ask questions. 

I feel like knowledge should be shared; there’s no point in keeping things you learned to yourself if it can help someone else figure out who they are. I also believe that to an extent it should be something that is free. I wouldn’t be a very good practitioner of my path if I didn’t offer a helping hand to those that are going through the same things as I did when I first started. 


  • Classes- $20.00
  • Jewelery $10-$20.00
  • Rune Sets $10-$15.00
  • Rune readings $20.00 for 30 mins

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