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The Most Inspiring Stories in Utah

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below. Check out our favorite stories from across the Voyage family.

Christa Jutras

I am Christa Jutras, the owner of Everly Grace Whole Beauty. I find success and fulfillment in helping our community with their skin, body, and soul needs. I have been passionate about skin and self-care all of my life and understand that we cannot fully live a healthful life if we are running on empty.  In 2015, I founded Everly Grace Whole Beauty. Originally called Yoga Beauty, I changed the name to Everly Grace Whole Beauty in 2018 after her daughter, Everly was born. I have always passionate about Yoga, clean beauty products, and health but, after having my daughter Everly I grew even more passionate about my family’s health. Since then, Christa has expanded into Everly Grace Whole Beauty, a lifestyle-based company that offers some of the best practitioners in coaching, yoga, mindfulness nutrition, and wellness esthetics. Giving our community an all-around holistic approach to living.  Read more>>

Dr. Jon Morgan

Dr. Morgan graduated dental school in 2003 and set off to a long and hard journey. He lived in Utah but saw so much potential for a dental office in Evanston, Wyoming. He built a building from scratch growing his practice from the ground up. They now have 3 dentists and 4 hygienists and are constantly busy. Dr. Morgan having an entrepreneur mindset knew he could do more for the dental community. So, he set off to buy another practice in Bountiful, Utah that was only open twice a week with a dentist who had worked there for 30 years. Dr. Morgan wanted to grow this practice as he did to his other one. Hired another dentist and now is open 4-5 times a week and still growing. Dr. Morgan wanted to not only affect the dental industry in Utah and Wyoming but as well as in Olympia, Washington. He bought another practice there to grow from the ground up, starting with only be opening once a week to full time. It hasn’t been easy to grow three practices while working at two of them throughout the week, but it has been so fulfilling to give the patients the best dental care that they deserve.  Read more>>

Danita Ritter

I started mountain biking back in 1992 with my husband and his buddies and spent many years riding with the guys. We always had a great time out on the trails but most of the time I was the only female. I bounced back and forth between racing BMX and mountain biking for many years. In 2016 I stumbled upon a Facebook group called WomenMTB. This was a great little community made up of local women from Utah looking for others to ride with and build friendships. Rae Sutherland was the founder of WomenMTB and quickly found that the Facebook Group was growing and this could be so much more. In 2017 we started free weekly group rides for riders of all abilities lead by volunteer ride leaders. In 2019 we received our Nonprofit status and I was named Executive Director of the organization. Today we host 10 group rides a month from beginner to advanced as well as skills clinics and special events. Currently, WomenMTB has 160 dues-paying members and 4K followers on Facebook and IG.  Read more>>

Caleb Chapman

In November of 1998, college students Caleb Chapman and Alison Glenn launched a small music school in American Fork, Utah, named the Crescent School of Music. Housed in a tiny brick building, the school embarked with a handful of private instructors and just over 50 students hoping to fill a void in private music instruction in Utah. Before long, Chapman launched the first of the ensembles that would become the future of the business.  As the ensemble program swelled, Chapman realized that there was immense value in learning in a group format. In 2008, the business pivoted from the traditional private instruction model to one exclusively made up of bands focused on contemporary styles, including rock, pop, jazz, funk, soul, R&B, and more. With this change, the business was rebranded as Caleb Chapman’s Soundhouse. The business remains the only one of its kind in the nation, combining music instruction with professional-level performing, recording, and touring experiences and the opportunity to perform with some of the biggest names in music, including members of the Dave Matthews Band, The Killers, Neon Trees, Journey, AC/DC, the Saturday Night Live Band, the Blues Brothers, Genesis, Toto, and more!.  Read more>>

Alex Zesiger

My love of flowers started as I was falling in love with my husband, He was a science major at Weber State and I followed him onto the mountains collecting wildflower samples for his botany class. From there I had to have flowers or plants around, my husband and I filled our apartments to the brim with plants and dreamed for the day we would own our own home with a garden. A few years later we bought and renovated a 1906 cottage in downtown Ogden on 3/4 of an acre, we poured our hearts into growing a garden and planted trees and flowers. in 2019 my husband propose we use our land to grow cut flowers. I jumped into it and began growing flowers as soon as the season allowed. I started designing the same year at the request of family and friends and truly fell in love. I enjoy every aspect of being a flower farmer and event florist. I get to be with the flowers from seed to arrangement and make beautiful creations for my clients. I enjoy problem-solving and creating and find that each design/event offers its own challenges.  Read more>>

Estilitha Wilson

I am from Venezuela, from a beautiful island called Margarita. I met my husband 22 years ago when he served an LDS mission in my country and we kept in contact after he returned home. A year and a half later I moved to Utah and we got married. As an immigrant, I didn’t speak the language so first my time was spent learning English in the BYU ESL program. My husband and I started having a family, and I really enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom. We have four amazing kids and they are the joy of my life. But as the kids got older, I wanted to work and I started working nights at a gas station. After a while there I began to feel very unfulfilled and stuck because my university studies from Venezuela don’t count in the USA and I had limited work options without an education. Every day I was dreaming about what I could do and how I would change it.  Read more>>

Dalton Jensen

At the beginning of 2020 to help business owners tell their stories and share their passion.  I realized that I’ve always wanted to start a podcast, and I’ve always been passionate about small businesses. Since then, I’ve interviewed hundreds of business owners and creatives locally.  The podcast community in Salt Lake is a very tight group that has helped me out a ton as well!. Read more>>

Dr. Jeremy Joyal

Early on in my medical training, I went back and forth between pursuing either a surgical specialty or an anesthesia specialty. They both had aspects that I really enjoyed. Ultimately, I decided to pursue an anesthesia specialty. During my fourth and final year of medical school, I arranged an away rotation at the University of Utah, and though I had intended to rotate through their General Anesthesia service, they could only accommodate me in their Pain Management service, which I knew very little about. I ended up loving the specialty. I felt that it was a good marriage between anesthesia and surgery–the best of both worlds.  After completing medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin, I then completed an Anesthesia residency at Washington University in St. Louis, then an ACGME-accredited fellowship at the University of Utah. I worked as an employee for several years with some great Pain Management physicians and then opened my own clinic in 2018. Having my own clinic has definitely been a great decision. I love practicing medicine as well as running the business and having the autonomy to achieve my vision of an exceptional practice.  Read more>>

Janelle Christensen

Tuesday nights were my favorite night of the week during my childhood. From age nine to about fourteen, my Tuesday nights were magical because of Maxine Gray. I don’t believe I knew what a social worker was until I started watching “Judging Amy” with my sisters, but after the first episode, I was hooked. Although she was only a fictional character, Maxine’s incredible ability to read people, to get things done, to change circumstances of children for the better through Child and Family Services was inspirational to me. I recognize now the cliché of this portrayal of a social worker and that there are many additional roles that social workers fill, but it was Maxine’s courage to stand up for her beliefs and clients through all obstacles that lit my fire and started me on a path to where I am today.  The primary mission of social workers is to aid the vulnerable, impoverished and oppressed. I would like this to be my focus in my personal life and my career, and the Family Support & Treatment Center has been such a phenomenal place to put that into practice. Read more>>

Anthony Johnson

I went to a father and daughter dance with my daughter when she was in girl scout. A DJ I saw there look very boring and not as entertaining as I’ve seen them in club.  One night I ran into a co-worker that was djing with his son helping alongside. I approached him and asked him what do I do to get started in the DJ business since I’ve always wanted to DJ. He told me to get my equipment first.  While I was researching for the equipment and learning DJ techniques such beat matching, mixing, and learning to read the crowd. Went to some EDM concerts to learn what other DJs do to entertain the crowd.  Been djing over 15 years.  Read more>>

Daniel Benites

We started selling salsa over 7 years ago out of the sheer love of salsa. Since then, we have been improving and refining our recipes. Having lived in Arizona and California, our inspiration is to make authentic, flavorful, and unforgettable salsa. We produce small-batch salsa, cashew sauce, and Mexican pesto that is smoky, sweet, savory and so sensational that customers have described it as drinkable. We started at the Bountiful’s Farmers Market in Utah in the summer of 2014 as well as the Salt Lake Winter Market Fall 2014. As a result, we began partnering with the other vendors and local farmers (Bangerter Farm, East Farm, New Roots, and many more) to produce our salsa.  These partnerships have reinforced the importance of community and doing things local.  In addition to loving salsa, we are dedicated to our community and bringing our unique products to the people who live here. We moved to Salt Lake City in 2003 and immediately fell in love with everything Salt Lake had to offer. That being said, we donate 3,000 meals to the rescue mission every year as a way to give back to our community. Read more>>

Alexi Fisher

When I moved to Salt Lake City for school, I needed a job and shortly after began working for David’s Bridal as a dress consultant. One day, a wedding planner came in with her bride. I had overheard her mention that catering was short of a bartender and she was stressing if she could find someone in time. I mentioned that I could bartend for her event, never mentioning that I had never bartended before and that I was only 19 at the time. I got the gig. Fast forward to 2013 and I am using bartending as a means to pay for school and supplement my social life. By 2015, I had graduated with my second degree and was applying to all mental health jobs I could but unfortunately did not get any response. I moved back in with my mother and took a bartending position at the Park City Hilton, known as the Yarrow to locals. It had been recently acquired by Vail which meant big things for the winter season.  Read more>>

Jamaika Romualdo

Mestre Jamaika (Mauro Romualdo) found his passion for capoeira at seven years old living in Teixeira de Freitas, Bahia, Brazil. He began training under Mestre Gil, of Capoeira Garras De Ouro. By age 15 he was traveling throughout Brazil to train and compete (under the direction of Mestre Loka of CapuraGinga), later winning three consecutive titles in the Brazilian Capoeira Confederation Championships, all before age 20.  Certified to teach under the title of “Professor” in 1997, Mestre Jamaika’s exceptional skill and explosive acrobatic talent have since placed him among the most sought-after instructors within the capoeira community, teaching and performing at workshops and events throughout the world for the past 25 years. You might recognize him from roles in various independent films, documentaries, and music videos, or as Shockwave’s popular Capoeira Fighter 3 video game character, appropriately named “Jamaika.”  Read more>>

Marianne Madsen

Like many, my own health problems and the health problems of family members brought me into the natural healthcare world. I also worked in a medical clinic as the Director of Practitioner and Patient Education and saw many people who would benefit from a natural approach in conjunction with their regular healthcare.  I have quite an extensive background in the medical and scientific fields. I’ve been a writer and educator in science and medicine for over 20 years. I still teach a class at the university called “Writing for the Sciences.” My master’s degree is in healthcare literacy–a fancy term for making sure that someone understands what a doctor told them to do.  There’s a real problem when you go to the doctor–he or she does a bunch of stuff you don’t understand, then gives you instructions that you don’t understand. So, for example, my final project for my master’s degree was working with a group of older Polynesian people in one of the major healthcare systems who had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Read more>>

Michael Waters

I grew up very poor in a rural Idaho town. My Dad left my mother to raise me as a single mom to which she did an amazing job because there was seldom ever money, I learned at a young age to be independent, and self-reliant for all my needs. After a brush with cancer 7 years that almost took my life, I wanted to focus on the things that bring genuine laughter and joy into people’s lives. Since growing up my mom could never really afford to throw a nice or memorable party or event so I wanted to be in the business of bringing happiness, joy, and memories for children in those crucial years.  I never did have much of a childhood so I am a big kid at heart and I find joy and happiness every day knowing that my business brings lasting memories, joy, and happiness into the lives of families. I have donated time, resources, and money multiple times to cancer events offering my talents and business resources to making nonprofit fundraisers the most successful they can be.  Read more>>

Alyssa Stewart

I’ve always been interested in photography – I took photography classes throughout high school and college, then applied for the photography program in college – but didn’t get in! I ended up majoring in something else but I still pursued photography as a hobby.  Then in 2020, I finally decided to take the leap and start my own business, which is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. And I love it! It’s a great fit for me and I enjoy improving my skills and helping people capture moments they love. I’ve primarily worked through word-of-mouth and client referrals, which has been great. I enjoy working with families (especially families with young kids because I can relate with two young kids of my own), newborns, couples, and anyone else who needs a portrait. I also enjoy macro floral photography and landscape photography.  Read more>>

Felicia Holmberg

I’ve worked in the restaurant industry my whole life. I’ve known I wanted my own restaurant/ bakery my whole life. I just didn’t know how it would come to fruition.  One day a friend shared a video and the abuse and cruelty that happens in factory farming. It broke my heart! I went vegetarian that day. About a week later I found out what was happening on dairy farms and I went vegan for the animals that day!  About a year and a half ago, I started baking, making, and selling vegan treats from my house. I wanted to create sweets and treats that were amazing and cruelty-free! One day I make copycat vegan Snickers™️.  The response was unreal! The vegan community went wild! I’ve been making vegan Snix ever since.  I got too big to keep baking out of my house so I decided to rent a commercial kitchen and get a business license.  Read more>>

Dennis Lee

I majored in Art at San Diego State. I decided I can still paint and put my Artistic ability into Hair.  My Uncle is a world-famous Hairstylist and his Salon was on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in the ’80s. His name is Allen Edwards. My Mom was in the business as well as my other Uncle. It was Legacy for me to be a Master Hairstylist. Then Allen opened up 7 Salons in Southern California and I started at Allen Edwards Salon in Newport Beach.  I’ve been doing Hair and being a Master Hairstylist for 30 years, Precision Haircuts, Color and Updo’s for weddings, Photoshoots and Fashion Shows in Newport Beach Ca. and now in Salt Lake and Park City as well as flying down to Newport Beach very so often to do my clients there as well.  I won the Honors of Top Hairstylist of the Year in California in 2014 and 2015 with “Making The Cut” Hair Competition against 3,000 other Hairstylists. Sponsored by Kerastase it was a live performance in front of a huge audience. E News was there as well as LA Times.  Read more>>

Gracie Hamilton

I’ve known I wanted to do hair since I was just a little girl. When I was 10, I’d do my mom’s hair for work, my sister’s hair for school dances, neighborhood friends’ hair for fun, etc. When I was young, I’d spend a lot of my time watching hair tutorials on YouTube. Everything from coloring, cutting, braiding, styling, curling, you name it. After watching the YouTube videos, I’d head upstairs and perform what the video taught me on my mom’s head of hair in 1 or 2 tries. Hair just came so naturally to me, so I knew it was what I was meant to do in this lifetime. I grew up to do friends’ hair for school dances, my sister’s hair for her wedding, and so many hairstyles for other special occasions. When I was a senior in High School, I started Cosmetology school. I went to Cosmetology school full time, went to high school part-time, and had 2 part-time jobs. My work weeks ended up being around 70-80 hours, but it was so worth it. I completed the full Cosmetology program and the Davis Technical College in Kaysville, Utah.  Read more>>

Breanne Miller of Kellie and Company Salon and Day Spa

I have always had the dream to own a salon company someday. I didn’t think it would happen in this early season of my life. But the opportunity came, and I knew I had to take advantage! I started cosmetology school my senior year of high school. I fell in love with every aspect of the industry. That’s when I decided that I would also like to pursue a business management degree so that I could become an expert stylist and businesswoman. After graduating from Alta High School in 2009, and completing a couple hundred hours of my cosmetology requirements, I started my business management program at Southern Utah University. I attended fall and spring semesters at SUU 2009-2012 for Business Management; and summer semesters at Salt Lake Community College 2009-2013 for my Cosmetology and Master of Esthetics licenses. In December of 2012 Kellie Hales, the founder of Kellie & Company Salon and Day Spa, hired me as a stylist. In May of 2016, I purchased the business from Kellie. Kellie started the salon company in 1992. She ran a very successful and respected company. I am very grateful to her for offering such an amazing opportunity to me to pick up the reigns of such an incredible company. Read more>>

Dr. Betty DeLass

Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness, LLC was born in Omaha, NE in 2020 and then moved to Salt Lake City, UT in March 2021. It was founded by Dr. Betty DeLass, PT, DPT initially as one-woman show. However, she cannot do it alone and we now have a second pelvic health physical therapist on our team, and planning on adding a third soon! The company was formed out of the passion of helping people during preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. Our founder, Dr. Betty, struggled with postpartum anxiety and depression after her first. Knowing first-hand how difficult it can be to navigate this stage of life she wanted to help others in getting back to living their lives to the fullest in the best way she knew how: physical therapy. Often times pelvic dysfunction can lead to postpartum mood disorders, due to lack of ability to get back to activity secondary to pain, discomfort, leaking, and uncomfortable intimacy. Read more>>

Andrea Phillips

When I was a little girl, my mom had a salon in our house. She would let us style our friends’ hair, as well as each other’s. Watching her raise her family while helping to make the world beautiful, inspired me to do the same. I graduated from BYU- Idaho, got married, had a baby, and decided to go to cosmetology school. Opening up my own salon has always been a dream and after getting divorced, I had a decision to make. Making my own schedule made more sense. So why not. I thought- might as well open my own.  Read more>>

Tristyn Bustamante

My parents were often finding extracurricular activities for me to do during my youth. We tried ballet, gymnastics, and art. Though all were enjoyable, the class that stuck the most however was ceramics. At 6 years old, I started taking ceramics classes at the Edna Vihel Arts Center next to the Tempe Public Library in the Phoenix Metro area of Arizona. I kept going every Saturday with Joanne Emelock my first ceramics mentor from 7 years old until high school. Around the age of 11, I was in a serious accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. This type of injury can have a very long recovery and my parents decided that instead of public school, I’d find more success in a smaller and more welcoming high school. So, by recommendation of Joanne, my parents enrolled me in the New School for the Arts and Academics. At the time it was located in Scottsdale but has since relocated to Tempe. Read more>>

Justin Chidester

I studied Family Finance and Personal Financial Planning at Utah State University and graduated in 2014.  I started my career as an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) at a nonprofit community agency, where I counseled families who needed financial rehabilitation following job loss, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or other difficult life events. Many of the households I worked with were starting over financially from the aftereffects of the 2008 mortgage crisis and subsequent economic recession. I would coach them over 1-2 years to build up their savings and investments, pay off debt, repair their credit, and qualify for homeownership again.  As time went on, I wanted to transition into financial planning but was disappointed by the job opportunities available in the industry. I wanted to serve Generations X & Y and middle-income households, who were often left behind by most advisors, who generally worked with the wealthy, and those close to or in retirement already. Read more>>

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